Crane Business System

R.T. Crane stated in his autobiography: “Very early in my business experience I became convinced that, in order to succeed in the large business at which I was aiming, a thorough system must be devised”.

Today, our 12,000 associates are united in using the Crane Business System to build a global network of people and solutions with consistent safety, quality, delivery, and cost that generates profitable organic growth, from one side of the globe to the other. We execute more than 500 kaizen events annually to drive continuous improvement throughout our worldwide operations.

Whether evaluating and rewarding people, creating an annual plan, implementing a strategy deployment process, visually managing results in factories and offices, or linking value streams, this common system ensures that all of our businesses are disciplined and focused as one connected body, on achieving our corporate objectives of sustainable, profitable growth and strong free cash flow. We believe that the successful deployment of this powerful system, in the hands of the best talent, and supported by strategic acquisitions, is the most important force behind our ability to grow.