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Aerospace & Electronics

Aerospace & Electronics

Crane’s Aerospace & Electronics segment is a trusted industry leader providing reliable, high-precision technologies that drive innovative solutions for our customers in the commercial aerospace, military aerospace, defense, and space markets. Crane A&E delivers proven systems, reliable components, and flexible solutions that excel in tough environments — from engines and landing gear to satellites, missiles and electronic countermeasure devices.

We invented many of the fundamental technologies that are now the industry standard in the areas where we compete, with a track record for performance, reliability and innovation. Crane A&E also combines its vast industry experience with investment in R&D to drive breakthrough innovation and transformative solutions fully aligned with our customers’ future needs. From more-electric and hybrid military ground vehicles to all-electric propulsion aircraft, UAVs, advanced radar and guidance systems and new satellite networks, Crane A&E is primed to supply innovative solutions for our commercial aviation, space and defense customers. These new capabilities and innovations include:

  • Electrification solutions to meet the growing demand for more-electric, hybrid-electric, and all-electric aircraft and vehicles requiring higher power and more efficient conversion needs.
  • Zero emissions solutions including support for sustainable fuel-based programs and innovations for hydrogen fuel systems.
  • Next-generation space solutions including higher efficiency and more capable microwave technology and advanced power conversion components to enable vital missions and satellite constellations.
  • Sensing & advanced connectivity solutions combining industry-leading proximity and pressure sensing with our expertise in modular design, rugged packaging and wireless connectivity.
  • Enhanced safety & security solutions including innovating braking systems and increasingly sophisticated runway condition monitoring.

Capabilities & Solutions

Power Solutions

Power Solutions provides enabling technology to accelerate electrification of air, land, space and sea vehicles and systems. Our technological advancements provide higher power in smaller and more efficient products, from power conversion and distribution to energy storage and motor controllers. Crane has over 60 years of experience in aircraft grade power conversion, management, monitoring, advanced packaging solutions and energy storage, and Crane has decades of experience proving reliable and light weight power conversion products to the defense and space industries. More recently, we have become a trusted partner-of-choice in powering next-generation, more electric, hybrid-electric and all-electric aircraft and military ground vehicles.

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Sensing Systems

Sensing Systems provides components and systems for condition and position sensing, and pressure and flow measurement, with high-accuracy, reliability and engineering to excel in rugged aerospace environments. Selected applications include proximity sensors and systems for landing gear, doors and flight control surfaces, as well as tire pressure sensor and monitoring systems and fuel gauging systems. We believe sensing systems is well positioned to benefit from trends, including electrification, and it is already delivering new solutions for next generation systems, including lighter weight components and systems, and sensors with rapidly configurable architectures and longer-range wireless data transmission capabilities.

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Fluid & Thermal Management

Fluid & Thermal Management designs and manufactures positive displacement pumps, centrifugal pumps and true mass flowmeters for aerospace and defense applications. With more than 100 years of application, development and certification expertise, we are consistently recognized for our proven performance, technology, accuracy and reliability. We believe we are also well positioned for emerging applications with a leading position in thermal management and motor controller solutions for more electric, hybrid-electric and all-electric aircraft and military ground vehicles.

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Landing Systems

Landing Systems provides hydraulic and electric brake control systems with antiskid and autobrake functionality, as well as electronic and hydraulic subsystems for landing gear control. Crane invented the first anti skid brake control system in 1947 and, since then, has supplied the brake control systems for all Boeing commercial aircraft, major U.S. military aircraft platforms and numerous other narrowbody, regional and business jet aircraft platforms.

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Microwave Solutions

Microwave Solutions designs and manufactures high-performance RF and IF components and millimeter-wave systems and subsystems for defense, space and commercial end-use customers. Our solutions include our proprietary Multi-Mix® technology that enables small, high-performance multilayer complex modules for array beamformers, antenna feed networks and receivers for electronic warfare systems. With over 60 years of experience, we are a Tier 1 integrated microwave assembly supplier with strong OEM relationships, and we have proven capabilities in major military, communications, electronic warfare, radar and satellite systems.

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