David J.

David J.

David J.

Senior Vice President

“In Crane I have lived the Intellectual Capital (IC) process quite literally, with multiple career development opportunities. It has been exciting, rewarding and great fun!”

David’s Crane career began in Feb 2006 when he joined as a site leader in the Saunders brand Cwmbran facility located in South Wales UK, which manufactures diaphragm valves for the general industrial and pharmaceutical sectors.

This was an exciting time, which saw the Cwmbran site being selected as a pilot site to roll out the new value stream linkage process within our CBS toolkit. Linking the Industrial Diaphragm Valve value stream dramatically reduced lead time and enabled growth. This resulted in the team hosting the Crane University open week in mid-2007.

Later in 2007, with the formation of the more market focused ChemPharma division, David was promoted to the role of Vice President of Operations, responsible for 9 sites globally. David’s career continued to progress, being appointed Vice President General Manager of the Saunders brand in 2009.

In 2012, the ChemPharma and Energy valve divisions were merged and David was promoted to the Senior Vice President General Manager position responsible for six brands, namely Pacific, Resistoflex, Saunders, Engineered Chek, Depa Pumps and Krombach.

From there David’s career has further developed where he is currently responsible for Europe and India operations for ChemPharma and Energy valve business.

Career Path

  • Site Leader – Cwmbran facility
  • Vice President of Operations – ChemPharma
  • Vice President General Manager – Saunders
  • Senior Vice President General Manager – ChemPharma & Energy
  • Senior Vice President European & India Operations – ChemPharma & Energy

“Crane has provided me with superb career opportunities and development, but also through its Intellectual Capital (IC) process continues to recruit the very best and provide them with exciting career paths. I feel so much pride in being part of Crane and playing a part in helping so many Crane associates develop their career.”