Payment & Merchandising Technologies

Crane Payment & Merchandising Technologies is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of coin, bill and electronic payment solutions; vending equipment; cashless processing; vending management software and wireless communications technology.

Comprised of Crane Payment Innovations (CPI) and Crane Currency, the Payment & Merchandising Technologies segment is revolutionizing the unattended retail experience with the industry's most complete product and service portfolio.

CPI’s automated cash-handling solutions increase productivity, security and confidence with every transaction in hundreds of currencies worldwide, while Merchandising Systems’ fully-connected and digitally-enabled new MEDIA machines and retrofit cashless technology provide consumers with an engaging vending experience. As connectivity technologies continue to evolve, CCS simplifies technology with integrated hardware and software solutions that enhance profitability, enable operational excellence and boost consumer engagement.

From spectral analysis and quantum mechanics to mathematical encryption technology, Crane’s Payment and Merchandising Technologies businesses consistently deliver the highly-engineered solutions that make us the industry’s premier global platform.

Case Study

“In the past several years, banks around the globe have started to embrace branch transformation to improve efficiencies and augment the role of the branch staff. As the role of the teller continues to evolve and cash in circulation increases, manual cash handling has become an even bigger concern.”

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Crane Payment Innovations

Crane Payment Innovations (CPI) is a global leader for currency validation in the unattended retail space, processing over four billion transactions per week. Serving the vending, banking, gaming, retail, transportation, and kiosk markets in more than 100 countries, CPI represents one of the world’s largest installed bases of payment systems. For more than 80 years, CPI has been a trusted partner to industry leaders worldwide.

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Crane Currency

Crane Currency has been a producer of currency products for more than 200 years and is entrusted by more than 50 central banks to play an integral role in the design and manufacture of their nations’ banknotes. From substrates to the most advanced micro-optic security elements and design, Crane Currency is a responsive partner focused on delivering innovative products and solutions that meet customers’ most demanding requirements.

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