Our Brands

Crane’s portfolio includes some of the oldest and strongest heritage brands across the industries where we participate. Our brands are well known and consistently recognized for reliability, innovation, and engineering leadership.

  • Intelligent Store logo Intelligent Store

    Intelligent Store is a powerful remote services suite that allows vending operators to bring their MEDIA machines to life with over-the-air price changes, planogram configuration, and nutritional information updates.

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  • Westlock logo Intellis

    Intellis industrial control field network control monitors use embedded control systems to automate and monitor valves, and to link field I/O to the host PLC or DCS.

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  • Interpoint logo Interpoint

    Interpoint, an industry leader since 1987, offers DC/DC converters and EMI filters with proven performance in the extreme environments of space and defense, as well as the high reliability requirements for commercial air and industrial applications.

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  • Jenkins logo Jenkins

    Jenkins® is the choice for mechanical contractors, supplying cast steel gate, globe and check valves to the North American marketplace. Typical applications include HVAC/ATC, chemical and petrochemical processing, food and beverage, power generation and utilities, and pulp and paper.

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  • Keltec logo Keltec

    Keltec products offer demonstrated reliability, maintainability and serviceability across a broad range of product types including low- and high-voltage power solutions, and TWT amplifier and radar transmitters for airborne, shipboard, satellite support, tracked vehicles and ground-based environments.

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  • Kemlite logo Kemlite

    Kemlite® composite panels are used as interior and exterior liners, opaque and translucent roofs, subpan panels, and scuff plates, offering full transportation solutions for truck bodies and trailers.

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  • Krombach logo Krombach

    Krombach® is synonymous with safety, reliability, and extreme durability. Krombach is best known for its unique ability to manufacture large quarter-turn valves. Typical applications include steam and water, condenser, cooling tower, and seawater isolations.

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  • Lear Romec logo Lear Romec

    Lear Romec oil, fuel and coolant pumps have been fitted on most major turbine engines, aircraft frames, commercial single-engine aircraft and turbine-based electrical generators. Solutions include pumps and fluid handling systems, positive displacement, and centrifugal pumps.

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  • MEDIA logo MEDIA

    MEDIA vending machines are revolutionizing the consumer shopping experience, making vending convenient and easy. Consumers fill a virtual shopping cart and pay in one single transaction, and vending operators can manage their machines remotely.

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