Our Brands

Crane’s portfolio includes some of the oldest and strongest heritage brands across the industries where we participate. Our brands are well known and consistently recognized for reliability, innovation, and engineering leadership.

  • Westlock logo EPIC

    EPIC digital control transmitters provide continuous feedback of a valve position, and they are integrated with valve position and control monitors in a stand-alone unit.

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  • Filon logo Filon

    Filon® G-III has a durable, high-gloss fiberglass finish, and an advanced resin system engineered to be compatible with today’s variables associated with total composite wall and roof product assemblies.

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  • Flowseal logo Flowseal

    Flowseal® defines high performance, with soft seated, metal seated, and fire-safe butterfly valves and triple offset valves for the power generation, oil and gas, and hydrocarbon processing industries, and for other critical process applications.

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  • Glasbord logo Glasbord

    Glasbord® is a leading provider of fiber-reinforced composite materials. Glasbord protected by Surfaseal® is the industry standard for engineered materials and fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) wall and ceiling panels. Glasbord panels are perfect for commercial environments where hygiene and durability are required.

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  • Hattersley logo Hattersley

    Hattersley is synonymous with quality, reliability and excellent service, offering a variety of traditional valves and FutureFlow™ balancing solutions, including WRAS-approved thermal circulation and pressure-reducing valves for public health applications.

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  • Helden logo Helden

    Helden manufactures couplings, flange adaptors, and pipe repair solutions for the water, wastewater, gas and industrial markets, including dedicated and wide-tolerance products, and PE solutions.

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  • Hydro-Aire logo Hydro-Aire

    Hydro-Aire has continuously developed more refined and sophisticated, high-performance analog, digital, and brake-by-wire systems for the majority of the world’s aircraft fleets since the development of the Hydro-Aire Hytrol Mark I antiskid system in 1946.

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  • IAT logo IAT

    IAT specializes in the manufacture of water safety valves for potable water installation. IAT stainless steel pipe interrupters prevent the contamination of potable water supplies for industrial and domestic applications.

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  • Westlock logo ICoT

    ICoT smart digital positioners provide modulating valve position control between 0% and 100%, and deliver reliable and effective control for both rotary and linear action valves.

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