Payment & Merchandising Technologies

  • CashCode logo CashCode

    CashCode® designs and manufactures patented, award-winning banknote recyclers and validators. A global leader in backload note validators for multi-width currencies, CashCode has engineered a truly automatic multi-width note alignment mechanism for various markets and applications worldwide.

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  • Crane Cashless logo Crane Cashless

    Crane Cashless is a robust, cloud-based remote management that enables performance tracking for cash and cashless sales and accessible deposits, and eliminates the need for high dollar holds on consumers' credit card.

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  • Crane Currency logo Crane Currency

    Crane Currency is one of the largest fully integrated global currency providers. Products and services include banknote design, substrates, advanced security features, and banknote printing.

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  • Crane MEDIA Network logo Crane MEDIA Network

    The Crane MEDIA Network boasts the largest network of vending screens nationwide, with a global footprint and some of the busiest, most visible locations anywhere, putting brands and media buyers in touch with sought-after and hard-to-reach audiences.

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  • Intelligent Store logo Intelligent Store

    Intelligent Store is a powerful remote services suite that allows vending operators to bring their MEDIA machines to life with over-the-air price changes, planogram configuration, and nutritional information updates.

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  • MEDIA logo MEDIA

    MEDIA vending machines are revolutionizing the consumer shopping experience, making vending convenient and easy. Consumers fill a virtual shopping cart and pay in one single transaction, and vending operators can manage their machines remotely.

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  • MEI logo MEI

    MEI® payment systems have the best performance rating in the market, and are considered the most reliable choice for customers in the vending, gaming, amusement, transportation, retail and kiosk markets worldwide.

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  • Microtronic logo Microtronic

    Microtronic is a market leader in electronic payment systems, developing and manufacturing closed-site and mobile payment solutions including a comprehensive range of hardware and software for cashless transactions.

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  • Money Controls logo Money Controls

    MoneyControlsTM has been making banknote validators and coin payment products since the mid-1960s. Its comprehensive portfolio includes bill, coin, and integrated software solutions such as the Compact Hopper, Universal Hopper, and PayLink.

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