Our Brands

Crane’s portfolio includes some of the oldest and strongest heritage brands across the industries where we participate. Our brands are well known and consistently recognized for reliability, innovation, and engineering leadership.

  • Westlock logo Accutrak

    AccutrakTM products offer an integrated solution for the monitoring of process valves by combining switches and sensors, wiring terminals, enclosures and local visual indication in one compact unit, for all area classifications from weatherproof to explosion proof.

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  • Aloyco

    Aloyco® is a world leader in the supply of corrosion-resistant gate, globe, swing check and ball valves for applications ranging from refining and chemical processing, to pulp and paper.

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  • ArmorTuf logo ArmorTuf

    ArmorTuf® is a premier line of high-impact, heavy-duty sidewall liners for transportation applications. ArmorTuf panels are comprised of continuous woven roving fiberglass, along with long strand chopped glass and durable polyester resin.

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  • AVID

    AVID® provides innovative solutions for networking, monitoring, and controlling process valves. AVID’s portfolio includes position indicators, position and control monitors, and positioners for oil gas, refining, chemical, power and pharmaceutical applications.

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  • Barksdale logo Barksdale

    Barksdale® is a leading control instrumentation manufacturer, specializing in customized control and measurement of fluids for oil and gas, transportation, and general industrial markets.

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  • Barnes logo Barnes

    Barnes submersible centrifugal pumps are recognized by engineers, contractors and homeowners for versatility, high performance and superior value.  Used primarily in residential and municipal wastewater applications, Barnes family of effluent, sewage, grinder, non-clog, and chopper pumps address the increasing trend of higher solids loading in the waste stream.

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  • Brownall logo Brownall

    Brownall manufactures a comprehensive range of plant room valves and fittings. Offerings include an exclusive range of automatic air eliminators which are suitable for use with water, aviation and diesel fuel, and light oils. Three-way vent valves and vent cocks for single and multi-boiler installations are also available.

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  • Burks logo Burks

    Burks' strength is special purpose-built pumps for applications from process plant to general plant service. Products include end suction standard and self-priming centrifugal pumps, in-line centrifugal pumps, and regenerative turbine pumps in close-coupled or frame-mounted designs

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  • CashCode logo CashCode

    CashCode® designs and manufactures patented, award-winning banknote recyclers and validators. A global leader in backload note validators for multi-width currencies, CashCode has engineered a truly automatic multi-width note alignment mechanism for various markets and applications worldwide.

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