Tom headshot

Career Advice from Tom: “I strongly relate to and embrace the Crane culture, starting with the Crane resolution, and how that remains the foundation that this company was built on and thrives in today.’’

“I have had the benefit of having many great mentors along the way as my career developed, and it really is a business and an industry that enables constant learning.’’

Tom’s career at Crane Supply all started with a response to an advertisement in the newspaper in 1982 for a plumbing supplier looking for help in an entry level position for a small service branch in Scarborough, Ontario. Tom was the 3rd person in this branch, as business had been quite brisk the previous months and it was decided to add an additional resource to the branch.

At the time, the Supply business was focused on selling residential new housing contractors, as well as small repair plumbers and school boards.  Tom learned the ins and outs of what it took to be successful in this highly customer focused environment.  Here, Tom grew to appreciate the nature of the fast paced business, the customers were hard working individuals, easy to relate to and he could see that many of them already had long standing strong relationships with Crane.

From there, Tom spent the next year in the branch continuing to learn the business and then was promoted to Sales Trainee, which essentially was an Outside Sales prospecting position. Tom’s career continued to develop and progress as Mechanical Sales Manager, General Sales Manager, Regional Manager, Vice President, and in 2001, Tom was proudly promoted to President. 

Career Path

  1. Warehouse Trainee
  2. Sales Trainee
  3. Mechanical Sales Manager
  4. General Sales Manager
  5. Regional Manager
  6. Vice President
  7. President
“There are many career success stories at Crane Supply, right across the entire organization, and it gives me a great deal of pride to watch those individuals build solid careers in a very exciting industry.’’