HR Analyst
Patricia headshot

Career Advice from Patricia: “I do not like to stay in my comfort area.  And that is just what I have found at CRANE, the opportunity to challenge myself, develop new skills and be inspired to realize my full potential.”

“The roles I’ve had at Crane have challenged me to be a part of different functional areas, with much knowledge to learn.”

Patricia started her career in the finance team, specializing in Accounts Payable.  She then moved to Expense reports, followed by Payroll, and finally Fix Assets and Intercompany.  During her stay with the Finance team, she participated in the implementation of SAP.  She enjoyed the teamwork among the global Finance department during this project.

Then Patricia received an invitation to take on a role in the Human Resources department.  She started as HR support and moved to training Administrator the next year, followed by HR Coordinator.

Patricia led the migration project of the Payroll system in Queretaro, Mexico with the support of a great team of Finance, Human Resources and IT Associates.  Patricia also participated in the implementation of PeopleSoft, where she acquired the knowledge and experience to be the main contact for Crane Payment Innovations and contribute to the Human Resources Management System (HRMS) team.

In 2017, Patricia participated in the global PeopleSoft Upgrade project team, where she is collaborating with her team among all Crane Business Units.

Career Path

  1. Finance Assistant
  2. Finance Analyst
  3. HR Support Representative
  4. Personnel Administrator
  5. HR Coordinator
  6. HR Analyst

“I have no doubt that together we can go further and achieve our goals and I am excited to participate in new challenges.”