Chief Financial Officer
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Career Advice from Kaydee: “Some of the things I like best about Crane are the enthusiasm, passion and drive of the people.  It is all about the people that drive the results.”

“It is all about raising the bar…our people work hard, inspire each other and celebrate success. This is what I like about Crane. We are constantly being challenged and that is how we grow as individuals.”

Kaydee has only the best to say about her team.  She has been with Crane sixteen years and began her career as Accounting Manager located at the Crane Supply Executive Offices in Toronto. Crane Supply is Canada's premier distributor of quality pipe, valves, fittings, piping accessories and is a Supplier of Choice to many Industrial and Commercial contractors, Industrial Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO), Fabricator, and Engineering Procurement and Construction firms.

When the decision to consolidate and centralize the accounting functions was made, the position of Controller was created to oversee the five regions and 32 sites that make up those regions.  Kaydee was promoted into this crucial new role, and when the CFO position opened in 2006, she was the natural choice.

Kaydee contributes to Crane's Accounting and Finance Conferences where the financial leaders of Crane meet to discuss topics of the day and benchmark best practices across all divisions. Kaydee also participates in Crane's leadership councils, in which the leadership teams of many businesses come together to share best practices and strategy.

Crane Supply always strives to achieve the top performance within Fluid Handling.  She is also very proud of the associate talent that they have contributed to other businesses within Crane, which shows their embracing of one of our core values “Crane Helping Crane.” 

Career Path

  1. Corporate Accounting Manager
  2. Controller
  3. Chief Financial Officer

“We recognize the importance of providing an environment that inspires people to realize their full potential.”