Business Line Manager
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Career advice from Christy: “If you have an appetite to learn, Crane provides you with endless opportunities in whichever stage of your career you are in.  This can be on process improvements, new product development, expanding into a new geographical location and above all to meet the customer needs. All this contributes to the profitable growth as well as developing yourself, however the most noticeable perk is the sense of achievement on a day to day basis.”

Christy’s career started at Crane BS&U through campus recruitment from the University of Warwick in 2010 where she was studying for Masters in Engineering and Business Management.  Christy was already holding an undergraduate degree in Manufacturing Engineering and knew she wanted to work in a General Management role in a manufacturing company.  She joined as a trainee but quickly was exposed to the strategic marketing areas of BS&U- Building Services, Water and Gas on markets, customers, communications, CRM, market research, and data analytics. Christy gained hands on knowledge through rotational roles in Communications, Technical Sales and Inside Sales.

The above foundation really helped Christy in developing a strategy for Building Services business for next 5 years.  She had an understanding of the market but wanted to expand her skills further which she achieved through pursuing a role in Product Management.  Understanding of the interactions between people, products and markets helped Christy to gain the Business Line Manager role in 2015. She had the opportunity to work in an office based environment in Ipswich and also a manufacturing location at Hitchin in UK.  With the knowledge gained, coupled with understanding customer requirements, Christy learned how to be successful in an ever changing industry.

During her time at Crane, she was sent to personal and professional development workshops, received her Professional diploma in Market from The Chartered Institute of Marketing and additionally completed by an Executive MBA.

Career Path

  1. Post Master’s Trainee
  2. Assistant Product Manager
  3. Product Manager
  4. Business Line Manager

“Crane will support you by providing you with ongoing training and development opportunities however you need to drive your career by taking charge of it. You will get to meet a lot of widely varied skilled individuals across the organization and also come across some great mentors who develop you so you can do the same thing for the future generations to come.”