Succeeding at Crane

At Crane, it is all about “our people”.

At Crane, it is all about our people. As a truly global company, we embrace best practice, no matter where in the world we find it. We value imagination, creativity and experimentation, and learning from both our mistakes and our successes to deliver results. Our openness to new ways of doing things is at the core of Crane’s spirit.

Associates from each of our business segments share their stories about how they're learning, growing and advancing their careers with Crane. Some are operations leaders. Some are finance experts. Some are senior managers. All are genuine individuals with a desire to excel.

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  • Tom headshot

    Career Advice from Tom: “I strongly relate to and embrace the Crane culture, starting with the Crane resolution, and how that remains the foundation that this company was built on and thrives in today.’’

    “I have had the benefit of having many great mentors along the way as my career developed, and it really is a business and an industry that enables constant learning.’’

  • Nadia headshot

    Career Advice from Nadia: “Our company resolution, written by our founder, R.T. Crane, is very special. I am happy to work for a company with deep rooted values in trust, honesty and fairness.”

    “What attracted me most to Crane was knowing that I would be working with an outstanding team of HR professionals, as well as the level of exposure I would get to kick-start my career in Human Resources.”

  • Christy headshot

    Career advice from Christy: “If you have an appetite to learn, Crane provides you with endless opportunities in whichever stage of your career you are in.  This can be on process improvements, new product development, expanding into a new geographical location and above all to meet the customer needs. All this contributes to the profitable growth as well as developing yourself, however the most noticeable perk is the sense of achievement on a day to day basis.”

  • Amir headshot

    Career Advice from Amir: “I’ve had the opportunity to learn all aspects of the business due to the Crane Business System driving cross functional participation for continuous improvement.  It is a great experience for those wanting to learn and accomplish more.”

    “Over my career I have experienced working in multiple locations across multiple divisions, which has allowed me to see and learn from the breadth of talent across our organization.”

  • Patricia headshot

    Career Advice from Patricia: “I do not like to stay in my comfort area.  And that is just what I have found at CRANE, the opportunity to challenge myself, develop new skills and be inspired to realize my full potential.”

    “The roles I’ve had at Crane have challenged me to be a part of different functional areas, with much knowledge to learn.”

  • Ryan headshot

    Career Advice from Ryan: “Driving breakthrough change is hard, and sometimes you fail.  However at Crane you’re always supported and the core value of 'make it ugly' means you’re free to bring up issues immediately and, as a team, recover and move forward.”

    “The Crane culture of cross functional engagement, transparency, and continuous improvement has been critical to my success and growth with the company.  I have been able to move between business units, functions, and roles that

  • Leanne headshot

    Career Advice from Leanne: “The strong foundations of Crane, combined with our excellence for associates, customers and shareholders makes this an exciting company to work for. There are so many ways to grow and develop your skills while working with like-minded teams who have our customers focus at the front of everything we do.”

    “Working with such a cross functional diverse team allows me to develop my skills across the company.”

  • David headshot

    Career Advice from David: “I joined Crane not really knowing too much about the company’s rich heritage, but I did know about the company’s ethical ethos and passion for lean operations through what has now become the Crane Business System (CBS).”

    “In Crane I have lived the Intellectual Capital (IC) process quite literally, with multiple career development opportunities. It has been exciting, rewarding and great fun!”