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In 2007, the Fluid Handling segment joined together six individual product-centered valve businesses into two market-centered businesses, Crane ChemPharma Flow Solutions and Crane Energy Flow Solutions, to penetrate worldwide markets more efficiently and create the greatest value for customers. This new structure enables it to focus energetically on applications and flow solutions that best meet the needs of its customers. At the same time, it is even better able to leverage synergies and efficiencies as an integrated business segment to produce real savings internally.


The Fluid Handling segment serves global markets that are huge and growing. The total global market served by the Group is estimated at over $15 billion. With global investment in the oil, gas and power markets continuing at a record pace, the chemical and pharmaceutical markets continuing to expand, and an exciting worldwide opportunity in the nuclear plant construction industry, among others, the Fluid Handling segment is poised to continue its growth.

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