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Merchandising Systems is composed of two solution-providing segments that produce high quality, technologically advanced automatic merchandising equipment and payment systems.


Vending Solutions


Crane Vending Solutions businesses, which sell to vending operators and food and beverage companies throughout the world, create value for customers through innovation, reliability, durability and reduced cost of ownership. Crane is the only manufacturer to provide payment solutions, vending management software and wireless communication technology along with its full line of vending equipment. These integrated offerings are indicative of the segment’s innovative, value-producing initiatives.



Payment Solutions

Crane Payment Solutions, part of Crane Co, was formed in 2006 with the strategic focus to provide a full range of automated money handling solutions, aimed at the gaming, retail, transportation and vending markets. Drawing on decades of heritage and expertise from the NRI, CashCode, Telequip and Money Controls brands, our team develops core validation technology to provide a range of payment systems and associated products with high security protection.