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Crane Wireless Monitoring Solutions (WMS)
1820 Preston Park Blvd. Ste. 2800
Plano, TX 75093

PHONE +1 972 964 5178
FAX +1 972 964 5968


Wireless Monitoring Solutions (WMS) is a leading provider of wireless sensor networks for industrial, commercial and government applications, including Oil & Gas, Security and Vending markets. With its wireless sensor products and remote monitoring services, WMS provides a complete, end-to-end intelligent monitoring solution that transforms data into business knowledge and provides continuous and real-time information. With WMS wireless sensor networking solutions, organizations can improve efficiencies, reduce costs, improve customer service and optimize revenues. WMS also offers an array of services to help facilitate deployments for a lower cost of ownership, increased reliability and faster time-to-market.

VantedgePoint® is the brand name for a highly scalable and deployable ZigBee®-based wireless sensor network, geared towards industrial and commercial applications. The VantedgePoint system is deployed as a complete, end-to-end solution which enables machine or equipment status to be delivered remotely across a wide area network. Some of the application possibilities include Industrial Equipment Monitoring, Conditioned Based Monitoring, Oil & Gas Remote Monitoring, Remote Tank Level Monitoring and Remote Vending Machine Monitoring.

MicroObserver™ is the brand name for the next generation of wirelessly networked, Unattended Ground Sensor systems, designed for Military, Border and Perimeter Security and Industrial Security needs. Easily integrated with traditional surveillance systems, the MicroObserver™ solution supports a long mission life, advanced threat tracking and an easy-to-use installation, making it ideal for rugged, non line-of-sight conditions.

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MicroObservor 1045


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MicroObservor 2730




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VantedgePoint® Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) solution is composed of the VantedgePoint Gateway (left) and the VantedgePoint Remote Telemetry Controller (right).