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900 Middlesex Turnpike
Billerica, MA 01821

PHONE +1 978 670 6300
FAX +1 281 921 8207


Azonix Corporation designs, manufactures and services highly engineered ultra-rugged computers, displays, data acquisition devices, barriers, and wireless access points for dangerous and hazardous environments. In addition Azonix' products include rack, bulk and console mounted designs as well as mobile and portable varieties.

Azonix services four primary markets including Oil/Gas Exploration, Production & Processing, Automation, Defense and Industrial OEM's. Core competencies for each of these target markets are outlined below:

Oil/Gas Exploration, Production & Processing: Azonix produces rugged hazardous-certified Human Machine Interfaces (HMI), Wireless Access Points, Ethernet switches and custom data acquisition systems utilizing thermal management packaging and Intrinsically Safe technologies to endure extreme environmental challenges in drilling and down-stream processing.

Automation Industry: Azonix's value proposition in the Factory and Process Automation market is Intrinsically Safe (I.S.) designs for analog/digital measurement and data communications. Azonix makes I.S. modules for PLC I/O & Foundation Fieldbus interface and I.S products for wireless applications such as HART, 802.11b/g access point for both the Process and Factory Automation markets.

Defense Industry: Azonix manufactures a full line of ultra-rugged mobile and stationary computers/displays for all four branches of the Military. Azonix products meet/exceed all environmentals including 810F, 901D-Grade A shock, 461E, and High Bright. In addition, Azonix hardware meets the critical needs of Network Centric Operations in all areas of the Battlefield.

Industrial OEM's: Azonix provides innovative rugged industrial computers, HMI's and displays for a variety of applications and industries such as transportation services, marine (Lloyds), food/beverage processing, paint shops, mining, and metallurgy. These products typically meet/exceed high performance environmental demands for high/low temperature, moisture, vibration, dirt/dust such as NEMA-4, IP-66, and MIL-810F.

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