22 Nov 2017 | 4:02 PM | CR $82.84  0.060  volume 130,016
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Crane Pumps & Systems is a leading global manufacturer of quality pumps and a wide range of products for the municipal, plumbing, HVAC, military, industrial and dewatering markets.

The Barnes Pump line includes submersible sump, sewage, effluent and grinder pumps as well as Plumbing and Pressure Sewer Packages for municipal, commercial and residential applications. Deming branded pumps consist of a wide range of products for industrial pre- and post- production water applications. Weinman has provided over a century of commitment to the HVAC and industrial marketplaces. Burks Pumps are primarily used in OEM and light commercial and industrial applications such as packaged boilers, commercial dishwashers and similar applications.