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CRANE ChemPharma Flow Solutions (REVO)
Heerdter Lohweg 63-71, D-40549
Düsseldorf, Germany 40549

PHONE +49 211 5956 0
FAX +49 211 5956 111


The REVO® brand is the standard for excellence and performance in actuator technology and is widely recognized in the process industries as a leader in quality and innovation. That innovation is partnered with manufacturing excellence to drive advances in product technology. With our combined knowledge and experience we can offer the optimal actuator for any application.

The REVO® Series R range of actuators is ideal for operating quarter-turn valves, especially butterfly, ball and plug valves. Additional areas of applications are 90º or 180º rotary motion. The linear counter movement of the pistons is transmitted into the required 90º travel by means of the integrated racks of the pistons and the pinion. 

All REVO® actuators are suitable for on/off or modulating control operations. Double-acting actuators are operated by air in both directions (open and closed) whilst single-acting actuators can be supplied with springs to open or close. On air failure, these actuators will then go into a fail-safe position.


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