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Streamware Corporation
55 Providence Hwy, Suite 1
Norwood, MA 02062

PHONE +1 781 551 0010
FAX +1 781 551 0515


Streamware Corporation is a premier provider of software solutions to the route accountability sectors of the vending, OCS (Office Coffee Service), bottled water, and wholesale industries. We deliver cutting-edge technology and information solutions that enhance operational efficiencies and improve productivity.

The company's flagship vending software product is VendMAX® for Windows, a Microsoft SQL Server based advanced, yet easy to use, software application with route and warehouse functionality, tailored for the demands of medium and large sized vending companies. VendMAX addresses cash and product accountability, increases office, money-room and warehouse efficiencies, augments merchandising sales, and provides advanced reporting tools.

DeliveryMAX is a robust, flexible and easy to use OCS software system for route-delivery vertical markets. It provides inventory and cash controls, route and office efficiencies, pricing flexibility, error discrepancy tracking, and product tracking at account level.

Streamware Connect is an end-to-end solution for wireless remote monitoring that works seamlessly with VendMAX software, Crane Payment Solutions and Crane vending equipment. Having the ability to integrate essential software and hardware components ensures system compatibility and ease of use. Additionally, all Streamware Connect wireless boxes come equipped with a connector for supporting cashless and credit card vending.

Streamware Connect provides vend operators with two-way, real-time communication with their machines. Critical information about sales, inventory, cash, and machine functionality is available 24/7. With so much actionable data at their disposal, VendMAX customers can service more machines on the same route with no additional resources. Other benefits include web-based reporting, machine health alerts covering jams, compressor failures, machine sold-out conditions, and improved pre-sell accuracy. Streamware Connect enhances the functionality of two of VendMAX's most popular modules – Dynamic Scheduling and Pre-Kitting.