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Crane Aerospace & Electronics
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Power solutions designs, manufactures and supports products and capabilities that provide higher reliability, efficiency and quality while maintaining low risk, cost, size and weight. Our Power Solutions are marketed to the high reliability industrial, commercial aerospace, defense and space markets via our brands: ELDEC Power Products, ELDEC Electronics Ltd., Interpoint and Keltec. We provide both Standard Power Products and Custom Power Products.

Standard Power Products consist primarily of our DC-DC converter and filter modules sold under the Interpoint brand. They are designed to serve the Space, Defense, Aerospace, and adjacent markets by providing over 1,000 off-the-shelf quality standard power products, support and services that set the industry standard for performance in electronic systems.

Custom Power Products consists of our custom and semi-custom low voltage and high voltage power products and subsystems. We design and manufacture solutions to customer requirements, needs and/or specifications.

Our Power solutions meet the current and future needs of our customer's applications:

  • Power for Electronic Systems Our full range of standard and custom products delivers compliant product performance, low cost of ownership and ease of integration thereby providing the lowest risk comprehensive solutions

  • Power Distribution Low weight, high power quality and high efficiency platform power management and distribution. We can provide significant weight and volume savings through integrated power conversion, bus control and power control.

  • Electronic Warfare & Radar Solid-State or tube based low/high voltage, high power products and subsystems for mission critical defense platform and payload applications 

  • Energy Storage Delivering safe integration of energy storage devices into electrical systems while providing the longest maintenance interval and service life at the lowest weight.

  • Motor Power Conversion and Control High power quality ac-dc converters as standalone solutions or as part of an integrated electric drive motor package.

DC-DC converters & EMI filters



Integrated low and high voltage power for electronic warfare & radar applications
Power conditioning & management module for space, defense and commercial aerospace