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Nippon Conlux Headquarters
5-3-8 Chiyoda, Sakado-shi
Saitama 350-0214 Japan

PHONE +81 49 283 1185
FAX +81 49 283 1165


Nippon Conlux is a manufacturer and pioneer of coin and bill validation devices for vending machines and related equipment in Japan. For more than four decades, the company has provided customers with leading edge, high quality and reliable products. In recent years, Conlux has expanded its product line into categories including e-money terminals and cash handling systems for the retail, transport and gaming markets.

Nippon Conlux manufactured Japan’s first coin mechanism in 1967, and it is registered at the National Museum of Nature and Science in Tokyo among innovations in the history of industrial technology. The company also developed the world’s first LSI-operated coin mechanism, as well as Japan’s first general purpose bill validator. Conlux maintains a leading market share in Japan for coin mechanism and bill validators, and strives to meet customer needs by consistently creating high quality products that are in-tune with the times.

Conlux was acquired by Crane Co. in December 2013. The company is primarily focused on Japan, and its headquarters are located in Sakado, Japan.