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Advice from Bob


“If you show that you want to grow and do a good job, there are a ton of opportunities in your immediate area, but you have the potential to move to other Crane businesses, too.”




“After Crane bought Kemlite, a lot of opportunities opened up for me and for the business.  Crane has had money available for acquisitions, for plant expansion, really for anything we want to do, as long as it makes sense from a profit standpoint. So our business has grown a lot, and I’ve been able to grow with it.”


Bob was hired directly out of college as a chemist for Kemlite, which was added to the Crane portfolio in 1985 and is today a significant part of Crane Composites. He advanced through the quality department to the research department supporting various solutions within Crane Composites (FRP, Transportation and Housing), and finally entered into management. Currently he is Vice President-Technical and Research & Development for all eight plants of Crane Composites, part of our Engineered Materials segment.


Career Path

1. Chemist, Quality Dept, Kemlite 

2. Building Product and RV Product Coordinator, Kemlite

3. Product Development Manager, New Product Development, Kemlite

4. Technical Director, Crane Composites Joliet

5. VP, Technical and Research & Development, Crane Composites Group


 “I feel like I have the best of both worlds. I work for people I like, and I like the people who work for me. I like being able to interface every day with people I enjoy and respect.”