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Advice from Linda


“I was really proud when our CEO cited some work I did in a conference call with securities analysts. It made me realize that my work in HR, or really anyone’s work in any area, could have an impact on the whole business by contributing to the strategic direction of the Company.”














“When I moved from ELDEC, one of our business units, to Corporate, Crane took a shot with me. It was a stretch for me to become Director, Compensation & Benefits for the whole company at that point.”


Before coming to Crane, Linda had worked as an outside benefits consultant for ELDEC, a part of Crane Aerospace. After joining the ELDEC HR team, Linda had an opportunity to complete an Executive MBA at the University of Washington, and the company sponsored her CCP (Certified Compensation Professional from World at Work) designation. Linda jumped at the chance when the opportunity to come to take on the Director, Compensation & Benefits role at Crane Corporate working directly for the VP of HR arose. She enjoyed and thrived on the challenge of integrating the HR functions of what had historically been a holding company. She brought both credibility with the different businesses and a strong sense of purpose and alignment with senior management and their goal of  developing an integrated operating company. Linda excelled in this role, and when the opportunity came to take on another stretch role as VP of HR for Crane Electronics and return to her home in the Northwest, she took it. She is able to leverage the experience and learning she developed while in the corporate office and is able to apply them to her segment everyday.    


Career Path

1. Compensation, Benefits, HRIS & Payroll Manager, ELDEC, Aerospace Group

2. Director, Compensation & Benefits, Crane Corporate

3. VP, Human Resources, Crane Electronics Group


“Crane has shown more than once that it believed in my abilities and believed that I could take on new challenges, even when I didn’t have the experience to prove it. I’m very thankful that we have a culture that believes in its people.”