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At Crane, it is all about the people. We seek a workforce as varied and diverse as our businesses. We are committed to diversity and inclusion at all levels of the organization. As a truly global company, we embrace any best practice, no matter where in the world we find it. We value imagination, creativity and experimentation, and look for lessons in our mistakes. This openness to new ways of doing things is at the core of Crane’s spirit.  


Our outreach programs include college recruiting, homegrown community and locally developed efforts, as well as company-wide initiatives. Internally, we offer our extensive “The Crane Way” new-employee orientation, and on-the-job as well as formal Crane University training to foster diversity, excellence and personal career development throughout the Company.


Employees from each of our business segments share stories about how they're learning, growing and advancing their careers with Crane. Some are operations leaders. Some are finance experts. Some are senior managers. All are genuine individuals with a desire to excel. To learn more, click on a description to the right.