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delivering green


Crane businesses sell many products that help our customers to minimize environmental impact of their activities. Just a few examples follow:


  • Crane Environmental, a unit of the Controls group, manufactures reverse osmosis units that purify and allow recycling of water in industrial processes and sells dearators which reduce corrosion, recover heat and save energy.
  • Crane Merchandising Systems is providing wireless monitoring systems to vending machine operators to enable them to determine what vending machines need restocking. Some 25% of the trucks currently used by vending route operators can be eliminated when all monitoring is done wirelessly.
  • The Valve Watch program of Crane Valve Services protects the environment from spills at offshore oil rigs.
  • All Crane Merchandising Systems glass front BevMax 2 and BevMax 3 machines are Energy Star compliant.
  • Many of Crane Aerospace’s products are aimed at reducing aircraft weight, which results in reduced fuel usage.
  • Crane Electronics’ lithium ion battery backup for flight controls reduces weight and fuel usage in aircraft.
  • Some vending machines sold by Crane Merchandising Systems have light shut off features for hours they are not in use.
  • A hinged remote repair clamp sold by Crane Building Services & Utilities reduces water waste in pipe repair and reduces excavation spills and minimizes traffic disruption and pollution.