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As a proponent of lean manufacturing, “being green” in the sense of conserving resources is built into much of what we do as a company. Nonetheless, greater awareness has enabled each of our business units and our corporate office to identify additional ways to protect our planet proactively while pursuing our business goals and strategy. Here are a just a few of examples of ways in which we are saving resources:


  • At Crane Composites, we returned over 500 million pounds of scrap and trimmed material to a recycler in one year, in a landfill avoidance program.
  • Crane Aerospace has switched from petroleum-based to water-soluble cutting fluids.
  • At Crane Electronics, lower energy consumption lights are being tested at one facility and will be rolled out next year Group-wide if successful.
  • Crane Aerospace is providing assistance with car pooling in the Los Angeles area.
  • Crane Merchandising Systems is converting to environmentally friendly refrigerants and low-energy lighting for its vending machines.
  • Crane Merchandising Systems has instituted the National Automatic Merchandising Association Program to encourage employees to stay in the workplace at lunch.
  • Crane Fluid Handling has numerous programs to save energy, including changing to more energy-efficient, scientific-style ovens from batch ovens and changing many from halite light bulbs to fluorescent high output bulbs.
  • Crane units are using water coolers and pitchers instead of individual water bottles. 
  • In the Crane corporate offices, server power consumption was reduced by 85%, saving 58 tons of CO2 over three years.
  • Ten percent of Crane’s corporate office personnel now commute via mass transit.